Windows and Doors

Our main activity consists on the fabrication of any kind of windows and doors using PVC and aluminium. All our products are made on the premises in order to satisfy our customers requirements, including private individuals as well as building companies, since all of them are essential for Cerrabier S.L. development.

On account of this our main suppliers are worldwide leading companies in the manufacturing of aluminium products: Extrugasa, Cortizo, Schüco and many others.

Advantages of the Aluminium:
Advantages of the PVC:
  •   1. Turning
  •   2. Tilt & Turn
  •   3. Sliding
  •   4. Fold
  •   5. Sash
  •   6. Tilt

1. Turning window

Rotation on a vertical axis, towards the interior or the exterior.

2. Tilt & Turn window

Rotation on a lateral axis combined with rotation on a lower horizontal axis, both inwards.

3. Sliding window

Movement on a horizontal axis between horizontal guideway.

4. Fold window

Rotation on a vertical axis, combined with a movement on a horizontal axis, towards the interior or the exterior.

5. Sash window

Movement on a vertical axis between vertical guideway.

6. Tilt window

Rotation on its upper or lower horizontal axis, inwards.